January 20, 2017

Floral Wedding invitation

florals designed by freepik
Played around with designing a wedding invitation. Designed in Illustrator.

January 19, 2017

Abstract Color posters

Two abstract color and shape posters I created in Illustrator. Used to test out my color matching skills. Who knew that I would actually enjoy a pop of pink?

I really enjoy all the abstract minimal designs I've been seeing lately so it was fun whipping up some posters. I may actually want to get these printed sometime in the near future.

December 15, 2016

Magazine Spread

A project I did for my fashion Photoshop design class. The idea behind the project was to create a two-page spread based upon one article of clothing in different color ways. The clothing items were laid out and photographed by myself and the 3 colorways of the top were edited in Photoshop. Text was created in Illustrator and then ported over to Photoshop as Smart Objects.

Los Angeles Trip: Part 2

It's been a month since my last post. I didn't mean to go so long in between but classes, work and Etsy projects got the better of me.

For our final day in Los Angeles we tend to take things easy. Saturday is for running around checking out new places and Sunday is for the Getty and more good eats.

Entrance to Smorgasburg LA
After checking out of our hotel we headed over to the Row DTLA to checkout Smorgasburg LA. Smorgasburg is a food and shopping even that happens every Sunday. It was a bit tricky to find at first but we eventually ended up in the right spot by following the flow of people. Parking is free for Smorgasburg visitors. And just a tip for animal lovers: while Smorgasburg LA is free to go to they do not allow animals into the event area.

I will admit that my expectations were high and that I was a bit let down by how many vendors were there. Lots of restaurant choices but not as many shopping ones were available. Hopefully that changes by the next time we're up there because I love supporting local makers and businesses. I did end up taking home some all natural deodorant (which I'm in love with, by the way) but nothing else caught my eye shopping-wise.


For our lunch feast we decided on trying 3 places: Burritos La Palma, Mama Musubi and Stoked. The burritos were delicious; probably my favorite bean and cheese that I've had which is saying something. The musubi was standard yet delicious and the tri-tip from Stoked was perfectly cooked. Overall, the meal was satisfying and a great way to start off our Sunday.

Smorgasburg LA
785 Bay St, Los Angeles CA 90021

Next up was our standard visit to the Getty. My boyfriend's only stipulation for our Los Angeles trips is a visit to the Getty. Always a gorgeous time with rotating exhibits and the famous gardens. This time around instead of taking the tram back down we decided to walk down the hill to the parking garage. The weather was perfect for the walk and it was nice and peaceful.

Getty Garden
Getty Entrance
The Getty Center
1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles CA 90049

After spending a couple of hours at the Getty it was time to start our trek back home. But first, Little Tokyo and a must stop each visit: Marugame Monzo.

Marugame Monzo is a small restaurant that just does one thing, udon. They make their udon in house and when they're running low you'll see them roll out and cut more fresh noodles. They make the best udon noodles that I've ever tried. The noodles are cooked perfectly and have the right amount of chew to them. I haven't been disappointed by anything that I've tried and I feel like the food served is worth the almost constant wait.

Tempura appetizer

Mad Tiger Udon

Cold udon with soft boiled egg

To start we had the tempura appetizer. Pretty standard with the exception of the shiso leaf. Nothing to write home about but it was perfectly fried and not at all oily like some tempura can be.

The boyfriend decided to try out one of their specials, the Mad Tiger udon. The Mad Tiger was served cold with spicy ground pork, soft boiled egg, green onions, chives and bonito flakes. I decided on the simple cold udon with soft boiled egg because I wanted double noodles. Both versions come with cold sauce that you pour into your bowl and mix in with the udon and toppings.

Marugame Monzo
329 E 1st St, Los Angeles CA 90012

Overall our weekend trip up to Los Angeles was a success. Good eats, great sights and, surprisingly, super relaxing. I wouldn't want to live in LA but I do like visiting. I think our next trip up will end up being a day longer so we can make a trek out to Malibu.

November 14, 2016

Los Angeles trip: Part 1

This past weekend contained both a happy and sad anniversary. It has become tradition for both my boyfriend and I to get away for the weekend and since we weren't able to go desert camping we decided on our usual trip up to Los Angeles. I really do love Los Angeles in small spurts so a two or three day trip is perfect. Lots of driving and walking was involved but it still ended up being a relaxing two day getaway.

Our first stop on our trip was lunch in the Fashion District. Down a tiny nondescript alley is Bronzed Aussie. Blink and you'll miss the sign for it. Bronzed Aussie is a must eat for me because of my love for meat pies. The owner was working there on our last trip up and you could tell how much pride she takes in her food; her face lit up when we said that the pie we had was delicious. This trip we each got a pie. I went with the standard mince pie while my boyfriend got the chicken, bacon and mushroom. The crust was light and flaky on both even after being in a warmer for awhile. The mince pie needed no added sauce. It was filled with tomato flavor and the gravy was top notch. The chicken pie was also delicious but needed a tiny bit of hot sauce. The flavor of the chicken pie was on point but on the milder side.

Alleyway with Bronzed Aussie to the left

Mince pie (left) and the chicken bacon mushroom pie (right)
Bronzed Aussie 
714 S Los Angeles St a, Los Angeles, CA 90014

I wanted to explore more of the Fashion District this time around. We spent quite some time walking around and looking into the various textile, trim and leather shops that surround the area. I managed to find some remnant pieces for half off at Michael Levine's and we stumbled upon a leather shop with $20 hides. I picked up a gorgeous deep purple and rose gold hide. It has some shine and almost looks like the purple was hand painted on. The hide is large enough that I will be able to make more than a few card cases and simple clutches out of it. Santee Alley was also an interesting place. I can see why people flock to it; cheap prices and rows upon rows of shops. I will admit that some of the clothing was pricier than I thought it should be but then again, I've done a lot of looking on AliExpress.

The leather shop

Grand Central Market

After our walk around the Fashion District we rested a couple hours before heading out downtown. Some happy hour drinks at Seven Grand and food from Grand Central Market were in order! We have our own version of Grand Central Market down here in San Diego (Liberty Public Market) but for some reason I prefer L.A.'s version and I can't pin point why. Maybe because it's a bit more gritty and market-like than ours. Like the last time we were there my boyfriend and I split up our meals. I opted for the curried shrimp from Bombo and the boyfriend chose the maccheroni and cheese with added prosciutto from Knead & Co.

Curried shrimp from Bombo

The curried shrimp has generous portions of large shrimp in it and was served in a creamy curry broth along with crushed peanuts, chili paste, roasted onion, kabocha squash, potatoes and rice. It was surprisingly spicy, the good kind. The heat built up the more you ate but the flavors of everything all blended well together. The jumbo shrimp were just a tad overcooked but that may be because I let my dish sit for an extra 5 minutes while my boyfriend waited for his pasta.

Maccheroni and cheese from Knead & Co.

My boyfriend ended up loving his maccheroni and cheese but then again, he's a cheese fiend. Made up of three cheeses (fontina fonduta, goat cheese and mozzerella) it was on the milder side of mac and cheese but all the flavors shown through. He added prosciutto to it and the saltiness of the meat played well with the mild cheese.

McConnell's Fine Ice Cream

After our filling meals we wandered around a bit and ended up sharing an iced coffee from Valerie's (G&B Coffee was closed) and two scoops of ice cream from McConnell's Fine Ice Cream. The ice cream was fantastic. Dense but still light and didn't start melting right after being scooped (which is great because we spent more than a few minutes watching a small protest march by). The churros con leche flavor was packed full of cinnamon and had bits of chewy batter pieces in it. The other flavor we tried, eureka lemon and marionberries, was my favorite. It was tart and tangy with the sweetness from the marionberries. Very refreshing and it paired well with the cinnamon from the churros con leche.

317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Overall, our first day was a success. I may have mixed up our museums (don't ask) but the sights, food and drinks made the day a fantastic one.